Strassburger's Fourth Generation

Meet "T-Bone"

Peter Strassburger

Peter Strassburger founder of Strassburger Steaks

Peter Strassburger, the father of the “Sirloin Sisters,” has been an icon in the New York Metro area ever since he became the fourth generation in his family’s business. From the moment he entered the meat industry his influence began to grow; Peter found his place as an innovator and leader.

Throughout Peter’s career, he saw how the meat industry changed and was a major player in this evolution. At one point, Peter purchased and managed up to eight meat plants at once and owned cattle out West. For those who do not know, he created the term “gooseneck,” which is still used in the industry today. He continued to strengthen his family’s legacy by being the first to originate boxed beef in New York. Many New York steakhouses can attribute much of their success to his influence in teaching them about dry aged steak, which his family, who were the first to install an aging room in their plant, has been perfecting for many generations.  

Although his professional accomplishments span widely, he has also made a great impact on those around him. Passionate, focused, determined, humble, and likeable are only a few words his daughters use to describe their father. He has been an inspiration to everyone in their company and has instilled an incredible work ethic in those with whom he works. He, himself, continues to push himself to learn everyday. The Strassburger name continues to thrive thanks to his vision and insight.