Paul McCauley grew up in the meat business, having worked with meat since age 15--though he would say he's never worked a day in his life. This business is his passion and he knows all facets of it, having had every job in the shop and loving one more than the next. From an apprentice to a butcher to a meat manager to a meat supervisor to director of operations, Paul found his way to Strassburger Meats as the Chief Operating Officer. In his position, Paul ensures the new facility runs as effectively and efficiently while maintaining the highest standards in product quality and food safety. He manages product integrity, food safety, processes and controls, crew supervision, and development of new programs just to name a few. Most recently, Paul has spearheaded Strassburger's Safe Quality Foods (SQF) certification, bringing Strassburger to the top of the ranks in terms of food safety, handling, purchasing, processing, and receiving. 

With an incredible wealth of experience, Paul not only brings expertise but a strong passion to his work. He views every customer, whether it be a family shopping in the grocery store to someone dining at the finest steakhouse in New York City, as the same and is committed to only delivering the very best quality. His philosophy: "Integrity 365 days a year." His drive: "Teaching others so we can all raise the bar together." 

By running Strassburger's new state-of-the-art facility, Paul is doing just that--raising the bar.