Although meat packing has traditionally been “men’s work,” my father had only daughters to turn to as the next leaders of the company and with a mix of trepidation and obligation, I stepped up to the plate at the young age of 24.
— Medium

Connecting Rural & Urban AmericaLoos Tales

The Amazing Meat and Poultry Industry, North American Meat Institute

Beef Industry Carves a CourseThe Wall Street Journal

Manhattan's Meat MavenThe National Provisioner

Don’t tell Suzanne Strassburger that her fifth-generation, family-owned company can’t diversify, expand and help carry the meat industry to new heights - her plan for Strassburger meats is already in the works.
— The National Provisioner

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“Most girls wanted to grow up to be a princess when they were young,” says Strassburger. “My first memory is deciding that I wanted to be in the meat business.”
— New York Daily News

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