Chef Scott: Quality Italian

Rare is it to meet someone who truly loves everything about what they do, where their job is not just a job but a love and passion. Chef Scott Tacinelli of Quality Italian is one of those rare finds who reminds you of the importance of finding love in your work-literally. Chef Scott works alongside his wife, Angie, both connoisseurs of food, Italy, and the idea of "dolce vita." I was lucky enough to meet with him at Quality Italian, where Italy meets New York City in perfect unison right in the heart of Midtown Manhattan.

Chef Lucas: The Writing Room & Parlor Steakhouse

Our first chef, Chef Lucas Billheimer, embodies the spirit of the city. He holds steady to his roots while evolving into a New York icon, helping to make New York even greater. He has brought his knowledge, simplicity, love for nature, and thirst for innovation to his two restaurants on the Upper East Side—Parlor Steakhouse and The Writing Room.