Meet Z-Man, The Meat Man

Photo By: Evan Levine

Photo By: Evan Levine

Jerry Zwernemann

Jerry has been working for the Strassburgers for the past 17 years. Although he is a master at meat, his career did not start out in the industry. He, as a young guy, enjoyed the mechanical field, and was trained to do so.  But all roads led to meat after leaving his post in the Navy. Peter Strassburger—a long time friend of Jerry's family—asked him to manage the equipment at Strassburger Meats and brought him into the family business, treating him like a son. Being a father of three girls himself, Jerry and Peter quickly developed a family-like relationship in and out of the workplace.

He worked in the plant for five years, until he found his true passion for sales. Although he deals mainly with sales today, Jerry is truly a Renaissance man in the industry. Find him in the aging room or working alongside the meat packers, Jerry knows all things meat.

The Strassburgers all attest to his exceptional ability to communicate well with employees and customers and maintain invaluable relationships. There is an undeniable camaraderie between Jerry and the entire Strassburger family. Work doesn’t feel much like work when you enjoy what you are doing, Jerry says, and the fact that he is still with the Strassburgers after 17 years speaks for itself.