For over 150 years,

a member of the Strassburger family has been in the meat business. Today, Strassburger Steaks is one of America's most enduring and respected of all New York founded and based, family owned and operated businesses.


Our story began in the 1850s and continued with the second-generation with a great steak sandwich and a dedicated daughter. My great-great grandmother spent every afternoon bringing her father a homemade sandwich to our family's beef plant in the Bronx. There, she met her husband who worked as her father's right-hand man.

150 years later, our family still prides itself on these traditions - dedicated daughters and great steak. My sister and I work alongside our father who has passed down his work ethic, and passion for perfecting prime steak. Today, we work to keep the tradition alive by celebrating family, memorable stories, and unforgettable steak.

This story is only one side of it-our grandfather's. We haven't even started to tell you about my grandmother's story, whose family was in the veal business. 

Meat is our family's story, tradition, and passion. Thank you for joining in our celebration.

Our success is based on six generations of expertise and an unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. This is a tradition carried on by the Strassburger family to this day.
— Suzanne Strassburger